Costly Rises to London Congestion Charges

tfL have announced a rise in fines in regards to the Congestion Charge from £130 to £160. The new charge – reduced to £80 if paid promptly – would also cover illegal turns and offences on red routes run by Transport for London. This has been placed in effect as of 2018 to combat vast congestion and traffic jams in the capital.

These rise could raise between £22 million and £45 million from drivers.

There has been a 12% increase in the number of motorists In the past five years being issued with Penalty Charge Notices.

Fines have increased by approximately 200,000 since 2012, which meant that something had to change.

These charge rises (higher than inflation) have been speculated to cover costs from Sadiq Khans fare freezes for the next few years. I think that this could be another measure to cut diesel drivers in London, as well as car drivers inside the Congestion charge. If you get 12 fines a year( very possible), that is a whooping £360 increase in fines.

Advice: Be very weary on how you drive in Central London from 2018…


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