Royal Mail to use all-electric trucks on trial basis


Royal Mail has just purchased of 100 electric vans from Peugeot last month. They will be also using ‘Arrival’ vans on trial for a year. For those who don’t know, Arrival is a logistics company based in Oxfordshire.

All the electric vehicles will be used at the Mount Pleasant depot in London.

Royal Mail has already strongly suggested that other depots will son be using these vans, obviously considering if the trial is a success.  These new vehicles are essentially electric versions of their Partner vans. These vans produce 49kW (67hp), and a range of 106 miles.

The best and most interesting thing about the vans are that their engineers can assemble an entire van in four hours, because it is a modular design. Arrival also claim that any part can be changed in just 15 minutes.

They are reported to cost the same as an Peugeot Partner diesel van. Very healthy. Mail will soon to be delivered in near silence. Where can I get a test drive?



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