NOSTALGA: Bus Route 2

The Route 2 bus has the distinction of being linked to its first garage at Norwood Garage for over 100 years!

This route initially ran between North Finchley to Crystal Palace, which would likely take you  2-3 buses and 2-3 hours of travel to get to nowadays. Minor revisions in the coming decades saw it go between Golders Green and Finchley, but increasing transportation in the late 80s/ early 90s meant that the northern part of the 2 was cut back to Baker Street/ Marylebone.

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The Route 2 has largely been unchanged, with its main ports at Norwood and Victoria. Alot of the 2’s life was between Crystal Palace and Marylebone. A few years ago this bus was cut short between Crystal Palace and Norwood Garage, which was replaced by the 432.

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The N2 was unchanged at this end until recently where the N2 changed from its then-current terminus at Trafalgar Square, and rerouted at Victoria to also terminate at Marylebone.


If the 2 was extended to Crystal Palace again in the near future, the the 2 and the N2 will merge into an 24 hour service

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