Government ministers will apparently announce plans for a UK diesel scrappage scheme in the next few days.

Environment secretary Michael Gove is expected to announce a “very, very targeted scheme” according various news and media sources, which were published earlier this year by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

In the plans made public by DEFRA in May, it was suggested that a scrappage scheme could be implemented, which would see owners of the highest polluting diesel cars in UK areas would be paid to either scrap their cars or have them retrofitted with emissions devices.

The Times says that the plan “must be announced by Monday”. The Times’ sources claim that three weeks ago the cost of the targeted scheme was put at £500 million for scrappage with an extra £250 million to be given to local councils to set up new clean air schemes.

Previously, The UK Government introduced a £300million vehicle scrappage scheme in 2009 that applied to all old vehicles. In return for scrapping their old car or van, owners were given £1,000 from the Government towards a new vehicle.

This is certainly more controversial, however, as many people were falsely led that Diesels were good for emissions, and were granted cheaper tax as a result. I found it difficult to digest that I can get a 2 liter diesel Audi A6 and pay around £30 for road tax a year, but would pay almost £100 more with a 1.2 liter petrol Fiat every year. I know where my money would go, but I cannot say the same with my trust.

What is more puzzling however, is that the Road tax has been overhauled this year, and I can expect to pay the same to tax a thirsty and unhealthy Ford Mustang as an Toyota Yaris. My next purchase would be a gas guzzler as there are little or no incentives to having a small petrol.

Image result for road tax ford mustang

Mustang – The new Ford Mustang V8  has a CO2 emissions rating of 299g/km. That means you pay a first year rate of £2,310,and £140 annually.

Image result for toyota yaris

Yaris 1.0L – £140 annually. Hybrid is £10 less a year.

Rant over.

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