OUTINGS: Kew Gardens

sIf you are thinking about a great outing, whether your on school holidays, a visitor or even bored. One great place that you can go is Kew Gardens in Surrey, located near Richmond.

Kew Gardens manages a vast array of botanicals, in various gardens, in Kew, Southwest London.

FUN FACT: The organisation has an average of 1 million paying visitors per year. 

Prices for the garden are £15 for adults, and £3.50 for infants (4-16). Persons aged over 60 should expect to be paying £14.

Kew Gardens was officially classed as a UN World Heritage Site in 2003, which means that its kept its status for over 14 years, which is spectacular. There are a lot of conservative areas nearby, as well as shopping centers located in nearby towns such as Eailing and Kingston, not to mention Richmond itself. The Gardens is a whooping 326 acres however, so visiting this site would possibly leave with you with little or no energy to explore further.

If you need any additional information leave a comment or send me a message and I will help with transport links and other useful information!

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