NEWS: Citymapper app to launch Night Bus aimed at East London

Do you like partying or travelling in the depths of East London at night? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to spend money on an taxi? Do you like big strides in ingenuity? If this ticks all of your boxes, you’ll most likely pleased to hear that an app called Citymapper is due to launch a night bus in August/ September of this year.

It will run between Aldgate East to Highbury and Islington via Shoreditch and Dalston.

The move comes after data collected by the app from users showed that Highbury and Islington station was not well enough connected to East London nightspots at the weekends to meet customers’ demands.

The perfect audience, drunken punters…

Prices are yet to be confirmed, but Oysters, contactless and android/ apple pay should be usable. This bus will work seamlessly with the app, updating hopeful passengers about remaining space, destinations, arrivals and the like. It really sounds like a good plan, so I suggest reading further about it!

This will start on a trial basis, but would compliment the arrival of the 24 hour London Overground coming at the end of 2017.

I personally think that it sounds like a good idea, but whether it will be feasible for the next couple of years remains a different story, unless they start rolling buses all over the capital in a short space of time.

James Smith, reporting.






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