The Knowledge


Taxi cabs, or Hackney Carriages as they are formally known, have a vigorous test that drivers have to undertake in order to drive them. The Knowledge.

Taxicabs are regulated throughout the UK, but to be a driver in the capital requires immense driver knowledge.

In 2015, there were around 298,000 licensed drivers in the UK, 164,000 of whom were private hire licences & 62,000 were taxi licences. These 62,000 had to take this test, which requires knowledge of 20,000 landmarks on London’s 25,000 streets.

Cabbies are not allowed to use any form of navigation, and must complete a series of oral tests which intensify with every completed test. Learning about this test usually takes up to 60 months (half a decade).

If you are looking to start a career as a Black Taxi driver, research the Blue Book, which has intensive information about the routes and landmarks in London.

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