BYD, the world’s largest maker of pure electric buses started production of 51 emission-free, pure electric buses on routes . These will be used on routes 507 and 521, which operate between Waterloo, London Bridge and Victoria.

These important buses will be built on BYD chassis and powered by an all-electric drivetrain. Each bus will be bodied by ADL, incorporating their Enviro200 MMC bus design. They can carry up to 90 passengers, too.

FACT: The Enviro200 bus shown above is the world’s best-selling midi bus..

More information about the route of  the buses can be found here:

Route 507 –

Route 521 –

All buses were placed on service in the Summer of 2016.

I frequently get on another pure- electric bus, the 312 which runs from South Croydon to Norwood Junction, although its a completely new model from the one shown above.

These buses are tech-laden and full of cutting edge electrification, pushing London into a new era of Zero emissions, which is being spearheaded by our Mayor, Mr Sadiq Khan.

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