NOSTALGIA: Bus Route 60

This is a quick history for the King of Ol’ Coulsdon, the Route 60.

This route started in 1982, originally operating between Brixton and South Croydon GarageThis route remained intact until 1990 when it was extended to Clapham Common.

60 2.jpg

This bus was then withdrawn between Clapham Common and Streatham, and was further extended between South Croydon and Old Coulsdon,Tudor Rosewith parts of the route replace by routes 50, 109 and 255.

Contracts were transferred from Arriva to Connex, with subsequent changes to be renamed Travel London. Operation was transferred back to Arriva around 5 years after the first Connex 60 left Beddington garage for the first time. Changes in Streatham saw changes in terminus from Streatham, Bus Garage to Streatham Station.

60 4.jpg

The 60 has remained with Arriva ever since, using buses like the example above. The 60 has no night buses, but the links it creates are very valuable.

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